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Welcome to Friends of BSA

There are so many charities and organisations in Barnet.

Barnet Society, for those in the north of the borough who are interested in what is going on locally.

Colindale Community Website , The Colindale Community Website is a site where you can find out about activities taking place in Colindale and the wider area. You can also add events by joining the Community Forum, free of charge. The website is run by the Colindale Communities Trust, which works to improve the social and economic lives of residents in Colindale. The Trust are currently developing a Community Facilities Booking App to make it easier for local people to access community halls and centres etc. for activities and events.

JOY (Joining Old and Young) logo, with the O made of a stylised old lady's face with hair in a bun, and a child's faceJOY is an intergenerational programme connecting the elderly with young children through ongoing interactive activities.