BSA E-Bulletins

Barnet Seniors’ Association (BSA) now has an E-bulletin with news of forthcoming borough-wide events likely to be of interest to older people. It will be published on the first Monday of each month, and, depending on availability of news material, may also appear on the third Monday of the month.
If you know of an up-coming event or something else you feel may be of interest to the over 55’s, I would welcome information from you by the Wednesday before an E-Bulletin is due to be published.
All information received will be considered and may be edited before inclusion in the BSA E-Bulletin
The E-Bulletin will complement the Insider, the BSA’s bi-monthly Newsletter

These E-Bulletins are for general information. BSA takes no responsibility for any information provided by the organisations featured in our E-Bulletins.

If you would like to add an event or receive our E-Bulletin, please go to the Get involved at BSA Page

BSA E-Bulletin No 41 (PDF, 3 A4 pages, 663 Kb) — 16th July 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 40 (PDF, 4 A4 pages, 730 Kb) — 2nd July 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 39 (PDF, 2 A4 pages, 562 Kb) — 18th June 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 38 (PDF, 7 A4 pages, 635 Kb) — 4th June 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 37 (PDF, 3 A4 pages, 584 Kb) — 21st May 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 36 (PDF, 4 A4 pages, 796 Kb) — 8th May 2018

BSA E-Bulletin No 35 (PDF, 3 A4 pages, 506 Kb) — 30th April 2018