Get involved with Chickenshed through living letters

Join us at Chickenshed for this four week programme which is completely free.   We would like to connect people, especially from different generations as we have so much to share – so many stories to tell each other.
Our young members ages from 13-24 told us that they wanted to connect with people – they wanted to chat and communicate and ideally grow intergenerational friendships with people that, like them, could be feeling a little alone and unsure of the future. They were missing ‘people! We are all experiencing change in our lives – no matter what age we are – and it is good to share these experiences with each other.

We will guide you through the process and give plenty of support.
We would pair you with a writing partner from Chickenshed’s Young Company.  We don’t tell them anything about each other – but we ask them to start their letter:
“To look at me you’d probably think …” and then we ask them to write something about themselves.
The participants then write to each other over a four week period and after four weeks we introduce on Zoom.  Once they have been introduced we ask the participant to join our social network and we have I believe 100+ on that, and we chat, have coffee mornings etc.  So it becomes a bit of a community – we call it The Space Between Us – because everyone believes that there is a huge space between the generations, but actually when you start to speak and chat, the space is very very small.  Once this virus is under control, or over, we will be inviting The Space Between Us members to Chickenshed – and we have various workshops, the choir, coffee mornings and meeting-ups. 
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